Prices - massageDuration (min)Price
Full body massage55175 PLN
Classical massage of arms or legs3065 PLN
Classical massage of arm or leg1535 PLN
Foot massage1545 PLN

Treatments (also available in packages)Duration (min)Price
Mechanical lymphatic drainage1528 PLN
Peat1535 PLN
Cryotherapy3-528 PLN
Traditional passage- spinal1548 PLN
Carbonic acid bath10-1529 PLN
Bathing in peat suspension1529 PLN
Massage chair10-1528 PLN
Inhalations1026 PLN
Pool gymnastics2526 PLN

Treatments (also available in
Duration (min)Price
Magnetic therapy1023 PLN
Solaris lamp623 PLN
Lasertherapy3-825 PLN
Ultrasound523 PLN
Diadynamics6-1016 PLN
Interdyn1016 PLN
Tens1016 PLN
Group gymnastics2516 PLN

 DurationPriceMedical consultation
Intramuscular and subcutaneous injections-20 PLNrequired
Blood glucose level on the glucometer-20 PLN-
Dressing, compress-20 PLN-