Prices - massageDuration (min)PriceMedical consultation
Full body massage55135 PLN-
Classical massage of arms or legs3050 PLN-
Lymphatic massage of arms or legs3050 PLNrequired
Foot massage1535 PLN-

Treatments (also available in packages)Duration (min)PriceMedical consultation
Mechanical lymphatic drainage1522 PLNrequired
Peat1527 PLNrequired
Cryotherapy3-522 PLNrequired
Traditional passage- spinal1537 PLN-
Carbonic acid bath10-1522 PLNrequired
Bathing in peat suspension1522 PLNrequired
Massage chair10-1522 PLN-
Pool gymnastics2520 PLN-

Treatments (also available in
Duration (min)PriceMedical consultation
Magnetic therapy1018 PLNrequired
Solaris lamp618 PLNrequired
Lasertherapy3-819 PLNrequired
Ultrasound518 PLNrequired
Diadynamics6-1012 PLNrequired
Interdyn1012 PLNrequired
Tens1012 PLNrequired
Inhalations1512 PLNrequired
Group gymnastics2512 PLN-

 DurationPriceMedical consultation
Intramuscular and subcutaneous injections-15 PLNrequired
Intravenous injections-25 PLNrequired
Intravenous infusion-25 PLNrequired
Blood glucose level on the glucometer-10 PLN-
Dressing, compress-10 PLN-