About us

Biological Regeneration and Physiotherapy Complex KINESIS SPA invites you to take advantage of the extensive treatment and SPA offer. We offer professionally-conducted wellness and rehabilitation. The main form of relaxation is rest in a modern and comfortable complex of steam rooms, showers of sensation and the ice cave. This form of rest is complemented by various types of cosmetics and body beautifying treatments, which additionally improve the frame of mind.

Furthermore, physical treatments are aimed at reducing and removing the painful symptoms of inflammatory conditions, as well as the acceleration of biological regeneration of tissues.

1. Treatments in the Mud bath

Humidity up to 100%

Temperature approx. 40°C – 45°C

The stay in the bath takes about 20 minutes, and the steam is fed at regular intervals, thanks to which the mud remains flexible. During this time, the mud is rubbed onto the body. A washbasin with a faucet is placed next to the seat. The sign of the end of treatment is light change or a sound signal. At the end, the skin is washed from the mud under a shower.

Thanks to the sorption properties of mud, harmful substances and impurities are extracted from the skin. The effect of the cleansing prepares the skin for optimal absorption of nutrients or cosmetics (such as skin care oils or emulsions).

2. Steam and aroma bath

Humidity up to 100%

Temperature approx. 43°C – 55°C

Aromatization of the room with essential oils, floral perfumes and humidification ensures relaxation and rest. Stay in the bath can take a long time (up to half an hour).

3. Ice grotto

Temperature approx. 3°C – 8°C – ice cubes rubbed into the body stimulate circulation and firm the skin; they give it flexibility and a young and healthy look.

4. Shower of sensations

A cold shower invigorates and stimulates, a warm shower calms and relaxes, while an intense stream of water is an excellent massage for the body, providing unforgettable experiences.

5. Sunny meadow

Relaxation like in nature ensures a good mood, enhances vitality, supports bone structure (vit. D) and the organism’s natural defenses.

6. Tepidarium – rest room

Rest on heated recliners surrounded by warm and friendly interior filled with the sounds of soft music is a culmination of biological regeneration of the body and spirit.